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February 2014

Pregnant Sister

Reporting from Düsseldorf

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Jie Jie and I went on a very quick weekend trip to London in November, to visit my sister who was expecting her first baby in December. We went to help her prepare!!

We left straight after school on Friday, and arrived in London at 6.30pm and were greeted at Gatwick by a tremendous crowd trying to get tickets for the trains into town. Fortunately my sister had sent me a fabulous birthday present of tickets for the Gatwick Express, so we just waltzed on by!! She met us at the station closest to her house, and it was a delight to see her in full bloom!! We got to her house around 8.30pm, but because England is an hour behind Germany, poor old Jie Jie was collapsing with each step, after a long day at school and now hungry and travel weary.

On Saturday we headed in to John Lewis. It was a delight for me to see all the Christmas decorations, properly done, after years in China. We looked at all the baby supplies, muslins, cot sheets, nappy change set ups, and bought several bags of necessities, and then headed out to a show! We went to see a puppet show called 'The Night before Christmas' - loosely themed around the traditional Christmas poem, but quite creatively done too. It was at the Little Theatre in Islington, apparently a long time puppet theatre.

The next day we had breakfast, packed up and headed back out to the airport, as our brief sojourn in London was over, and we were heading back home, to start another week at school!!

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Reporting from Düsseldorf

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Given that I 'accidentally' got a job 3 days before term started, our settling in time to our new home has taken a bit longer than planned, and been a bit more tiring than planned. When I was not supposed to be working, the plan was that I would be doing all the unpacking and setting up the house, and grocery shopping, leaving our weekends free to explore Düsseldorf and get to know where we now live. The kids had their settling in moments, missing their old school and friends, and wanting to 'go home', but we've explained and explained that this is now our home, and trying to make things comfortable and familiar. In Germany, everything closes on Sundays. Everything. So Saturdays are crazy with shopping and planning for the week.

So after 10 weeks of school, we had a mid term break coming up... and we debated about staying home and exploring Düsseldorf, or going away and relaxing. Feet up relaxing. Really we knew that if we stayed home, we would spend more time unpacking those last few boxes and doing more school work, and what we needed was some down time... so we found a last minute holiday package in Mallorca... we booked it, a bit blind, not knowing very much about where we were going, and when we got on that plane, we were on our way to 5 days of relaxation!

Being further south, the days were longer, and we cherished the last of the summer, Mallorca was about 10 degrees warmer. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort, which was a new experience for us... not necessarily one we would rush back to, but lying by the pool overlooking the Mediterranean was not too hard to take. The kids were in the pool for hours on end and we were lucky as well to have a kids club on site.

We went for a 5 day break, and didn't take very long to settle in. We went into town one day and visited the stunning cathedral and wandered around the old town, and enjoyed a tapas lunch and a sangria. We got caught in a deluge on the way home, and were lucky to quickly hail a taxi to get us back to the hotel quickly.

On another day we hired a car and drove around the island, and visited some caves on the far side and Bellver Castle on the hill in Palma overlooking the harbour and across to the cathedral. It was remarkable because it is round.

The rest of the time we let the kids go to kids club, swim and play, while we relaxed and read trashy novels!!

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