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June 2011

New Blog Name

Reporting from Jinqiao

In light of the fact that we no longer have two toddlers in the family, I have changed my Blog name from "2 Adults and 2 Toddlers travel" to reflect that.

2+2 can be directly interpreted as :
2 Adults and 2 Children
2 Big and 2 Little
2 Boys and 2 Girls
2 Parents and 2 Kids

But I thought that all of these while accurate were a bit boring! And I thought the cumbersome "2 Adults, 1 Child and 1 Toddler travel" would only last a year anyway!

We will be in London this time in two weeks, and are getting excited about our trip!!

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4 weeks

Reporting from Jinqiao

The end of the academic year is hurtling to the finish line, and the long summer holiday is opening up in front of us!! In the meantime, Mike and I have reports to finalise, classes to teach and preparations to make! I also have to prepare, complete and present my final university assignment, before qualifying as a fully fledged primary school teacher!!

The exciting part, is we have booked flights to the UK - we fly in and out of Heathrow, and arrive on 30 June - staying for exactly 6 weeks. What we will do, don't yet know. First stop London, staying with my Mei Mei (little sister) and then over to Wales to stay with my parents in law! Then a few days in the Cotswolds, hopefully with a bit of family cycling! What else - who knows?

The wish list is growing... Jie Jie wants to go to Westminster Abbey - after admiring pictures of the recent royal wedding, and has a fascination for the Eiffel Tower, so a weekend in Paris might be on the cards. She is very keen on going to the beach (I don't think she remembers British beaches) as of course this is the summer holiday!

The next step will be to start planning in earnest!! Woo hoo - holidays here we come!!!

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