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So after a wonderful relaxing and problem free trip to Vietnam, we arrived to Hong Kong airport to find a half hour queue through immigration and then to find our bag of Vietnamese souvenirs missing from the luggage carousel. We looked everywhere. Our three other bags were here. And we hadn't lost a kid, or any hand carry. (Hmmm - I did leave a dress in the cupboard in HoiAn, but that was just an oops!)

So we launched into damage control, and approached an airport staff member to see what we should do. Filled in loads of forms, had the rest of our luggage weighed, waited while they sent a telex (I didn't know these still existed) to Ho Chi Minh City Airport and Vietnam Airlines, and airport staff searched Hong Kong airport. Eventually feeling a bit down and dejected we went through customs and went to look for a taxi to take us to our hotel. But we spotted a sign to Airport Lost and Found and thought we better investigate. So Mike went to find out about taxis and I went to ask on the off chance our bag had been abandoned somewhere... and while I was talking to the girl my phone (which hasn't rung for 3 weeks and 1 day) started to buzz... and yay, it was a lady who had my bag! Yes, she'd collected it in error and taken it to her hotel - which amazingly was only around the corner from where ours is.

We headed back to where Mike was waiting but he saw us on the escalators, so we went straight back up, but couldn't see him anywhere. I went down a corridor, but it was clearly offices and not the taxis, and then went back and down the escalators again - no sign of him, so went back up and then ducked into 7Eleven to get some sustenance (chocolate milk, coke and some chips), and then went down the escalators again, still no Mike. Anyway as it turned out it seemed that he'd been going up and down in the lifts as we were going up and down the escalators, ultimately quite comedic, but we each blamed the other!

Got to the hotel, and Didi had fallen asleep in the cab. They gave us our room key and number and took us upstairs, but the door key didn't work, and then someone let us in to the room, but it already had someone else's stuff in it. So we trooped back downstairs to find that they'd miswritten the last number on our form... so back we went, and then the room had two single beds in... I understood that we were going to have two double beds! Anyway, tomorrow we are moving into a room with a king size bed, and then will have a single bed brought in. So just for tonight we have to make do with 3 single beds (they are king singles, but still).

We headed out to collect the missing bag, and that was nice and straight forward! Dropped it off at the hotel, and then went out for the most succulent delicious monster piece of steak we've had in a while and a bottle of red wine!

Our first impressions of Hong Kong are that it looks a bit like Shanghai and Sydney combined with UK street signs and number plates. It is nice to be somewhere where there are not motorcycles on the pavement and cars stop at red lights!

Tomorrow our plans are to go to the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Space Museum. We might even go for a swim in the hotel pool!

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